Geek Life is a fortnightly live interview stream, which is the next evolutionary step of my previous Streamer of the Week interviews, now I have opened the doors not just to fellow streamers, but I'm inviting other content creators, game industry devs, etc, on to the show also.


Not only do I have my standard questions to find out what they do, what we can look forward to and having a general chat with them, but we open it up to the stream chat to also ask any questions they may have for our guest too.

We also play some games such as "Would I Lie" and/or "5 Second Rule"   

We are always on the lookout for new guests, if you would be interested in appearing, you can contact me via the contact form or if you prefer you can reply to my pinned post on Twitter.

Interviews are Live every other Saturday and the guest must be available from 8.30pm UK GMT for sound and video setup prior to the stream start time of 9pm

Next show is a Live interview on 22nd Feb


with: guest tbc

Missed an interview? no worries, you can watch them here:


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